Your Team Playbook

Your Team Playbook

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Product Description

Blur The Line Between Work And Play To Accomplish Success 

Your Team Playbook – 52 Skill Building Activities  

When you sit to prepare for a new venture all you desire for is that your presentation should hit up and your ideas must get recognition. You put in your best efforts to make everything perfect before and after the meeting. You may even desire to make a photocopy of the activity for easy reference during your meeting to avoid any chance of losing the page. All these things become secondary if you have a strong close knit team. 

A strong close knit team has proved to be supportive on both professional as well as personal. Dartnell’s publication, “Your Team Playbook – 52 Skill – Building Activities”, is that spectacular source, which helps you knit a strong team and achieve your dreams. The 52 team building games cover the entire gamut — Coworker Relations, Communication, Problem-solving and Creativity, and Motivation. When played among the coworkers these amazing office team building games build a healthy working environment and help hit the right target. 

Edited by Jennifer Anderson the book serves as:  

• A great resource and provides accurate data to build up a strong team.
• Major source of team building games for workplace that guide and encourage communication among the employees
• Important guide of fun team building games on how-to improve upon problem solving
• Motivational factor to persuade your team to work in the right direction. 

As mentioned earlier, preparation plays a key role in the success of any activity. If you haven’t lead many team activities, you will want to make several dry runs to prepare.

Your Team Playbook : 52 Skill Building Activities – Print: $50 - Free Shipping, e-book:$30. Our 52 team building exercises are a fun way to improve your team's performance and relationships.


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