Vince Lombardi's Second Effort

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Lessons on Sales From A Legendary NFL Icon

A video that has inspired more than 15 million sales professionals

Nothing represents America better than football. And Vince Lombardi, the man who took the Green Bay Packers to three successive and five NFL championship titles, is forever enshrined in the mind of every football fan spanning the generations, as an awe inspiring legend. Vince was one of the best and most successful coaches in NFL history.

Football is all about winning, strength, speed, and self-discipline. Sales is much the same, it’s about consistent effort, self discipline in the face of rejection and the drive to win, to make the sale, every time.

So what did Lombardi do to take his team to such meteoric heights? This motivational video, produced and distributed by the Dartnell Corporation, has Lombardi himself tell you about what it takes to win and succeed, in football and in sales. Vince Lombardi talks about the 5 principles of a successful football player – and how these winning fundamentals apply to sales success.

This DVD training video include Vince’s motivators such as:

  • Play to win, try to make every sale
  • Develop the self discipline to put in a 100% in every sale
  • Cover every sales point and translate the features into benefits
  • Know your competition and outsmart them
  • Plan ahead – have an answer to the customer’s every objection
  • Make the crucial second effort – impart a sense of urgency and a reason to buy now

In a world of fierce competition, and customers who are tired of being pitched to, every salesperson has to be the star quarterback of the team.

Lombardi’s second effort is all about self discipline and making that crucial second effort during a sale. It has inspired more than 15 million sales executives over the years and is as relevant today as it was 30 years ago.

Whether you’re a sales manager or a sales person, Lombardi’s Second Effort, a 28-min awe inspiring and motivational video, will rouse you, and guide you to greater success.

Order now and learn to make the critical second effort and boost your sales performance with Vince Lombardi's legendary Sales Training DVD.


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