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Product Description

Tips & Techniques That Provide a ‘Selling’ Tone to Your Voice 

When you are conducting your business over the phone, the tone of your voice either makes or breaks you. 

Whether you’re a salesperson, technical support or a customer service representative, you must consider the importance of the tone of your voice. When you take a call, how exactly do you make the caller visualize you as an understanding and cooperative rep who’s oozing with customer service? It’s the tone of your voice that does it all. You may think that you have the friendliest tone possible but do your callers agree with you? 

Here’s a test. Record your voice and listen to it, if you don’t like what you hear, then this e-book is just what you need. ‘Tone up your Tone’ is filled with tips and techniques that lend a ‘selling’ tone to your voice. Some of topics covered in this 24-chapter book are:

  • Improve your telephone voice
  • Rejuvenate your phone voice with these 5 tips
  • Get toned by listening to yourself talk
  • Keep your vocal volume under control
  • Put some pizzazz in your telephone voice
  • Neutralize your accent
  • What you consume affects your phone voice
  • Breathe big for better voice quality
  • Keep from sounding bored on the phone
  • Why a neutral tone of voice is not enough
  • Give your voice a wake-up call
  • And much more!


Watch your performance and popularity with callers shoot up as you flip through the pages and put into practice our expert-tested advice. We promise to arm your voice with an effective and impressive attitude by the time you are through with reading this e-book. Go right ahead, tone up your tone!


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