Tips to Help You Retain Your Customers

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Product Description

Sure-Shot Tips & Advice to Retain Your Customers for Good 

Retaining existing customers and reeling in new ones is the biggest challenge these days. Always-in-a-hurry customers walk off at the slightest faux pas; and when a customer walks away, there’s hell to pay. 

Knowing when to transfer a call, handling relay calls effortlessly, sounding calm and confident, and organizing your calls methodically does help soothe customers’ nerves. This will differentiate you from other telemarketers and make you a preferred point of contact for customers. 

‘Tips to Help You Retain Your Customers’ helps you know all this and more! 

Whether you’re a salesperson, technical support, customer service representative or even a manager, you stand to benefit from this must-have resource. Some of the chapters cover:

  • Answer internal calls quickly
  • How to (smoke) screen callers
  • 5 tips from the frontlines
  • Take the fear out of cold calls
  • Perfect your greeting
  • Prevent phone amnesia with the telephone
  • Prepare yourself for sudden call volume spikes
  • Conquer cold calling with 5 easy steps
  • Organize your calls in an instant
  • 5 things to avoid when on the phone
  • Work on your listening skills
  • 4 ways to handle incoming calls with ease
  • And more


Go ahead and learn how to keep them coming back for more. And, bag new customers in the bargain!


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