The Sales Professionals Idea-a-Day Guide

The Sales Professional's Idea-A-Day Guide

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Tony Alessandra, Gregg Baron, Jim Cathcart
386 Pages
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Product Description

Master The Selling Techniques and Be A Successful Sales Professional 

As Earl Nightingale truly quoted, “If you spend one hour a day in study in your field of interest, you will be a national expert in that field within five years or less.” To help you accomplish this dream, Dartnell presents you “The Sales Professionals Idea-A-Day Guide,” edited by Tony Alessandra, Gregg Baron & Jim Cathcart. 

Counted among the Top sales book, the Sales Professionals Idea-A-Day Guide features some of the effective selling techniques that are fairly useful in enhancing your selling skills. In less than an hour a day, take the idea presented on any page in this best sales book and implement it to expand your own expertise or stimulate your own ways that will make you more effective. You will gradually observe a drastic change in your presentation. 

The best selling sales book offers specific suggestions that have proved to be quite helpful in improving sales skills. The book has three key components you can use to unlock the door to success. These are: 

• How to sell more effectively, study your customer, present your product or service, and gain a commitment to buy it
• A refreshers course in sales
• Self assessment worksheet 

So do not wait and spend just an hour to widen up your knowledge base and truly rise to the absolute top of your profession. Order now and improve your sales skills today and everyday!

Sales Professional's Idea-A-Day Guide by Dartnell: e-book $39.95. Best selling sales book which will teach you how to sell every day. Our proven selling tips and techniques will make your day- Every Selling Day of the year.


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