The OSHA Compliance Handbook

Michael, Susan & Natalia
52 Pages
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Product Description

Don’t Fear Compliance: Confidently Meet Complex OSHA Safety Requirements With This Resource

Make sense of OSHA standards, eliminate workplace hazards, and implement proper safety procedures

Don’t let another day go by treading the waters of Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) law on your own! Turn to the pages of The OSHA Compliance Handbook to make sense of the lengthy compliance issues you face.

OSHA Compliance is a fear-invoking, stress-inducing headache, but you’re not alone. We’ve compiled The OSHA Compliance Handbook to help you understand the ins and outs of OSHA law and teach you how to identify where your organization needs an extra safety boost.

The OSHA Compliance Handbook will explain:

  • How to spot—and fix—compliance gaps in your workplace.
  • The top 4 standards that affect every organization (hint: you should know these inside and out).
  • What OSHA’s newest tracking rules mean for your organization.
  • How to properly maintain records of your corporate safety compliance plans.
  • Why recent changes to the final walking/working surfaces rule matter to you.
  • How OSHA prioritizes investigations, so you can take a closer look at your safe work habits.
  • OSHA’s fine schedule, including why the agency has raised citation fees by 78%!
  • How to prepare for an OSHA investigation—including what not to say—to avoid further investigating.
  • The top 10 most common OSHA violations (learn from these mistakes so you don’t have to make your own).
  • The 4 steps to determine if you should report an accident.

Whether you’re involved in manufacturing, construction, technology, utilities, or general industry, The OSHA Compliance Handbook is for you!

As an added bonus, The OSHA Compliance Handbook also includes 23 reportability case studies so you can test your OSHA compliance knowledge. With this valuable resource, you’ll be confident that your employees’ safety and your profits are secure!

About our Authors

Michael J. Aust, CECM, MS, Authorized OSHA Outreach Instructor is the President and Owner of 1030 Communications, LLC. He has a Master of Science in Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Management and is a Certified Environmental Compliance Manager #5678. Mr. Aust has also served as the management representative for various safety and environmental management systems throughout his career.  He is an Authorized OSHA Outreach Instructor for both General Industry and Construction Industry. Mr. Aust has provided safety management expertise and regulatory compliance to a variety of industries since 1995. His extensive experience in the safety and health field has been earned from working in a variety of different types of organizations within the private sector. He has developed and implemented safety management systems for organizations without such processes and has helped mature management systems for Fortune 50 and Fortune 100 companies.

Susan Fahey Desmond is a partner with Jackson Lewis, LLP, which has offices in over 54 cities across the United States. She has been representing management in all aspects of labor in employment law since 1985. She is listed in Best Lawyers in America and has been named by Chamber USA as one of America’s Leading Business Lawyers for labor and employment law. She is also listed in Mid-South Super Lawyers and Louisiana Super Lawyers.

Natalia Olive is an Environmental, Health and Safety Professional with over 15 years of international experience. Her strong focus on people and program management is combined with a wide range of technical components. She holds a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a graduate degree in Health and Safety from the National Technological University in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which she completed after obtaining a Professional Chemical Engineering degree at the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology. During her 13-year tenure with EMD Millipore, she designed, developed and maintained a global EHS management system centered on a web-based application suite. The system was utilized by 10,000 employees located at over 25 manufacturing, distribution and R&D facilities worldwide. Among other goals, the system achieved an increase in proactive reports from essentially nil in 2006 to an average 250 per month by May 2012, which was sustained through the end of 2014 at the time of her departure from the company.

She is now focused on training and education, holding the OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainer designation, and consulting with local companies in Massachusetts who seek excellence in their Environment, Health and Safety culture.


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