The Multistate Taxation Handbook

Dartnell Corp
32 Pages
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Product Description

A Guide to Navigate the Murky Waters of Multistate Taxation!

Does your business have offices/employees in different states? Do you know how to calculate their taxes? What if an employee lives in a different state and works in a different state? What if an employee works in more than one state? These questions pertain to the correct taxation calculations for employees and are every payroll executive’s nightmare.

Dartnell Corp. brings you The Multistate Taxation Handbook: Simplifying Complex Payroll Issues, which does exactly what it says! This book will clarify and simplify the definitions of multistate employers and multistate taxation and will assist employers in understanding how these definitions apply to them.

Dartnell Corp., a leading publisher of business information through books, newsletters and DVDs has been helping businesses enhance their productivity while remaining compliant with the latest information and legislation.

In this book, you’ll find expert advice on preparing compliant payroll procedures in accordance with the definitions of multistate employers and multistate taxation. You will get advice on accurately determining your tax liability and will be able to navigate various complex payroll situations that arise for multistate employees with expertise.

The Multistate Taxation Handbook addresses issues such as:

  • Which taxes apply to multistate employees and employers
  • Taxes that the employer is legally obliged to report
  • States where employers have a withholding liability
  • What employers need to withhold
  • Payroll procedures when there is a reciprocal agreement between states
  • Detailed information on the IRS Code, and IRC and states’ stand on it
  • How to determine whether an employer is subject to withholding under state law
  • Ensuring compliance under SUI(State Unemployment Insurance)
  • The four factors of SUI and handling SIT
  • Detailed description of the withholding allowance certificate, equivalent to W-4
  • The difference between residents and non-residents in the context of withholding
  • And much more!

Get essential insights into handling complex payroll issues and reduce costs of non-compliance and incorrect taxation penalties!


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