The Microsoft Word 2013 Handbook: Learn to Fully Leverage Word's Functionality, Features & Tools!

Mitzi Gibson Katz
150 Pages
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Product Description

An Indispensable Resource to Leverage Microsoft Word 2013’s Functionality, Features & Tools!

Nearly everyone uses Microsoft Word in their professional lives at some point or the other, yet most people are unable to make the best of this powerful application. Word isn’t just a “word processor” – it’s a powerful tool for greater team collaboration, lightening your workload, automating work, saving time and increasing productivity. Word 2013 is even more powerful with improved features, tools and functionalities!

Dartnell has put together The Microsoft Word 2013 Handbook – Learn to Fully Leverage Word’s Functionality, Features & Tools, in collaboration with well-recognized Mircrosoft Office expert, author and trainer Mitzi Gibson Katz, to put you on the driving seat to mastery in Word 2013. You’ll learn to make the best of this powerful application and increase your efficiency and productivity. This handbook will familiarize you with the newest features in Ms Word 2013 and provide you hands-on training on using its existing and newer features and tools.

This handbook is a goldmine of information, tips, tricks and secret techniques for both the novice and expert user. The handbook provides step-by-step information on using various Ms Word 2013 tools and features with live screenshots, real examples and expert tips so that you gain a clear, quick and accurate understanding of all its functionalities. You will also get answers to some frequently asked questions shared by Word users like you.

With The Microsoft Word 2013 Handbook, you’ll be able to:

  • Design and automate professional-looking forms in Ms Word 2013
  • Lighten your workload using mail merge in ingenious ways
  • Learn essential tips, tricks and techniques and upgrade your skills in Word
  • Learn to use Track Changes and OneDrive for effective editing and increased team collaboration

Topics Covered:

  • Latest features in Word 2013
  • Exploring Metro Style and the new Start Screen experience
  • How to use Resume Reading, Read Mode and other new features
  • An in-depth look at Simple Markup and Updated Comments feature
  • How to use Track Changes and Review Pane effectively
  • How to use OneDrive for collaboration with multiple users
  • Step-by-step instructions on designing and building forms in Word
  • How to protect a form and restrict editing
  • A look at using Content Control Elements in a form
  • Guidance on automating a form
  • Effective use of Auto Complete fields
  • Tips on collecting form results automatically
  • Myriad uses of Mail Merge beyond mailings
  • Using Mail Merge to create Labels and Directories
  • Considerations when using data sources in Excel and Word
  • A step-by-step guide to the Mail Merge process
  • And more!

Explore Ms Word 2013 in Newer Ways to Improve Productivity!


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