The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters Of All Time

The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters Of All Time

Hodgson Richard S
563 Pages


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Product Description

‘The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time’

Winning Direct Mail Techniques & Ideas That Sell

In ‘Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time‘, Richard S Hodgson compiles some of the best direct mail sales letters ever written – providing examples of how leading writers have tackled challenges with stellar results. Each letter comes packed with a complete analysis of what makes it great!

So whether you’re a copy writer, marketing manager, public relations specialist, advertising manager, sales manager, decision maker in small business or for that matter someone who wants to help create direct sales letters, this incredible direct mail resource is just right for you – all without wasting time and money!

Onboard this comprehensive resource, you’ll get:

  • Hundreds of tips and checklists for creating better direct mail sales letters
  • More than 100 ways to open a letter.
  • 90 ways to close a letter
  • 14 sections covering all types of letters including consumer mail order, business-to-business direct mail, fund-raising, those for retail stores and services, inquiry and lead-getting and many more
  • 100 basic reasons why people buy
  • Valuable advice from the greatest direct mail marketers working today
  • Letters used successfully by companies like Newsweek, Mercedes Benz, Hewlett-Packard, the Franklin Mint Westinghouse
  • And lots more!

So just hop on and see how your response rate soars!

The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters Of All Time - Learn how to write direct email sales letter and get highly effective mail marketing tips and strategies to boost up your business today with Dartnell's top –notch sales books. e-book: $149.


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