The Excel Data Handbook: Quick Tips & Techniques for Formatting, Sorting & Counting

Dennis Taylor
62 Pages
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Product Description

Microsoft Excel offers unmatched data analysis features with which you can pinpoint sales trends, track customers, create invoices, chart progress, make calculations, and even decide future business plans based on data analysis. And that sparse list only scratches the surface of what Excel can do.

But you can’t use Excel to its fullest potential unless you know how to wield the program’s more advanced features. Let us help!

The Excel Data Handbook: Quick Tips & Techniques for Formatting, Sorting & Counting is a new manual developed by the staff of Inside Microsoft Excel and authored by Excel expert Dennis Taylor. It’s designed to take you through advanced Excel features step by step so that you can put them into practice right away.

Whether you want to learn the newest Excel features—such as Sparklines and the AGGREGATE function—or you’ve always wanted a firmer understanding of PivotTables and PivotCharts, this is the resource you’ve been looking for.

The Excel Data Handbook will teach you to:

  • Use conditional formatting to compare data in seconds
  • Simplify data set work with the Table feature
  • Apply Data Validation to keep data entry accurate
  • Sort data three ways and use advanced filtering techniques
  • Perform calculations on data subsets using the Subtotals feature
  • Find data automatically based on a reference table using VLOOKUP
  • Use MATCH and INDEX functions to do what VLOOKUP can’t
  • Alter PivotTable layouts for different data views
  • Get a flexible view of your PivotTable data with PivotCharts
  • Understand FREQUENCY, TREND, and GROWTH array functions
  • Filter data on the fly with Slicers
  • And so much more!

Don’t be intimidated by Excel’s more advanced features any longer. This handy manual will break down these features into language you can understand, provide real-world examples for applying them in your own work, and use color pictures to guide you through our step-by-step instructions. We’ll take you from a beginning Excel user to an advanced Excel user—and make the process painless. Order today!


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