The Communication Connection

The Communication Connection

David Lee
97 Pages
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Product Description

Win Hearts With Effective Communication Skills

The Communication Connector

Since ages communication has been playing a key role in binding the entire world together. The day you are born until your last breath, you communicate with people in several ways. You cry for attention, scream in anger, and laugh on pranks. From the moment you began stringing words together, you also began to experience the occasional frustration of misunderstanding.

To avoid this misunderstanding you selected the path of good communication. Eventually you started on a career path for, which you worked on how-to communicate better to earn a good living. With this began the era of publishing best communication books. Markets were flooded with intrapersonal and interpersonal communication books to help you improve your communication skills.

Counted among the best business communication book, Dartnell’s ‘The Communication Connector‘ guides you on how-to overcome your communication weaknesses. Learning to get your message across the others is the heart of “The Communication Connector.” Through a series of interactive lessons, this workbook helps you develop effective communication skills. Five 20-minute self-study sessions can help you enhance and improve communication skills.

This Communication Skill Book offers you:

One-on-One Communication: To make you learn how to interact with individuals such as supervisors, subordinates, co-workers, and customers.
Group Communication: How-to communicate with others in a group discussion.
Nonverbal Communication: effective communication tips on how to develop writing and listening skills.
Technical Tools for Communication: improves the unique problems of communicating in the information age.

The ability to communicate clearly is one of the most prized skills in today’s world. Thus, “The Communication Connection” can be your key to developing those skills.

The Communication Connection by Dartnell: Print $40.00, e-book $30.00. Five 20-minute self-study sessions in this book will teach you how to improve communication skills.


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