The AIM Process, A Systematic, Stepwise Procedure for Improving the Actionability of Marketing Research

Paul Conner
82 Pages
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Product Description

The AIM Process efficiently and effectively provides a functional solution for a fundamental challenge that exists in marketing research – making it actionable. As the book describes, the challenge is created by a purpose-process disconnect. The process typically used to design and conduct marketing research is disconnected from its primary purpose, supporting marketing decisions and actions (i.e., Applications). In a systematic, stepwise procedure, The AIM Process serves as an invaluable manual for marketing researchers and marketing research users to work together in designing and conducting marketing research that provides solid direction in making decisions from its results.

About Author

A consumer researcher since 1982, Paul founded Emotive Analytics in 2004 after seeing that traditional consumer research was lacking in revealing why people do what they do. He began a search for better solutions and, in psychology and neuroscience, found that assessing emotions and implicit System 1 processing were critical. In addition to designing and conducting myriad customized studies, Paul’s works and thinking have been published in Quirk’s, QRCA Views, NMSBA’s Insights, and Marketing News as cover stories and articles on topics such as consumer emotions, behavioral economics, and research design. He is also inventor and author of The AIM Process, A Systematic, Stepwise Procedure for Improving the Actionability of Marketing Research. Finally, Paul has spoken at AMA, QRCA, MRA, IFT, IIEX, Path to Purchase Institute, and Design & Emotion Society conferences and events.


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