Team Of Eagles (DVD)

A Team Of Eagles (DVD)

18 minutes (estimated)
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Product Description

See the snippet before you buy!

“A Team of Eagles” by Mike Singletary is a classic team building program for the consummate training and development of your team. It is no secret that working together as team boosts productivity significantly and enhances the bonding among the team members. Even if you have a group of strong individual performers at your service, fostering collaboration from them to create a potentially great team is an unrelenting challenge. That’s when our comprehensive training program comes into action.

NFL Hall-of-Famer Mike Singletary considers an eagle to be the ultimate individual brimming with oodles of power, grace and self reliance. In this video, you will see that an effective team member is first an eagle. With this video, you will be able to learn everything it takes to become an effective and positive force in your team’s success.

Here, Mike Singletary, a successful football coach teaches you these five fundamental lessons to create a team of eagles:

  • Agree on a common goal
  • Know the abilities of each team member
  • Communicate effectively
  • Sharpen individual skills
  • Execute consistently

Becoming an eagle is the first step towards real team work but to ensure greater success, you need to learn to work together and share your special talent with you team members. Occasional setbacks are expected even in the best of teams, but our exclusive video will certainly help you combat these common pitfalls with surefire tips and strategies.

A Team of Eagles DVD by Mike Singletary: DVD: $199. Effective leadership training & Development program for your team members to become effective team players.


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