Team Building Book Package (Set of 4 eBooks)

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Product Description

Here, we bring to you an indispensible collection of 4 enlightening books that will help you build a profitable and productive team.

  1. How To Make Team Work: With excellent illustrations, this bestselling resource offers exceptional tips and ideas to improve the performance of your team and achieve the desired results of your company.
  2. Work Place Conflict: how to get past it and get on with the job: Divided into 10 chapters, this rare resource throws light on how you can minimize the conflicts that you encounter at your workplace. Get best advises and strategies to deal with workplace conflicts effectively and continue with your job.
  3. Your Team Play Book: 52 skills building activities: If you want to build a strong and powerful team, this resource can be the perfect choice for you. Bring some fun with these 52 skills building activities that will help you achieve the best outcomes at your workplace.
  4. The Team Leader’s Idea Day Guide: This special leader’s guide offers 250 ways to utilize the capabilities of the team members and encourage them to deliver the best performance.

Manage a diverse workforce and convert it into a super productive team with Dartnell's cost effective Team Building Package at just $149.


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