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Product Description

Become a Leader that Inspires

Is your team happy and motivated? Are you a good leader? Are you and your team an asset or a liability to the organization? These are the questions that consume most managers and supervisors.

It’s tough to be in a leadership role! You need to walk a fine line between being close to your team members and build a good relationship with them while still being their boss and commanding respect.

Dartnell’s Successful Supervisor, a monthly newsletter, provides people in leadership roles with the necessary skills for them and their team to shine within a complex and dynamic environment. Every month has new tips and ideas for managing your team, from how to avoid micromanagement to performing appraisals correctly. Get the right skills for managing a diverse workforce, communicating effectively, training employees, motivating, hiring and firing, and dealing with the stress of being a manager – while keeping your department functioning at its optimum level.

Here’s how this leadership newsletter can help you achieve your goals:

  • Managing talents to bring out the best results
  • Boosting team performance day after day
  • Motivating team members to give their best
  • Ensuring unity and harmony of purpose and spirit within a team
  • Tracking productivity and quality of work
  • Building a positive and safe workplace environment
  • Training and enhancing your employees
  • Anticipating problems and devising solutions
  • Effective change management strategies
  • Hiring tips and what to avoid
  • Dealing with rogue employees
  • Avoiding the evils of micromanagement
  • Using performance appraisals correctly
  • Creating stronger employee relations

Successful Supervisor by Dartnell - Print + Online: $249 for Annual Subscription (Contains 12 Print Issues/Year), Online Access: $179 for Online Only Annual Subscription (Contains Web Issues (PDF) in downloadable form), includes supervisory skills training for leaders at every level in your organization.

Subscribe now to develop effective supervisory skills and become an inspiring leader!


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