Stop Workplace Harassment and Create a Culture of Respect: Proven Prevention & Investigation Strategies

Dr. Susan Strauss
90 Pages
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Uncover Your Unconscious Bias To Protect Employees From Harassment And Bullying

Learn how to minimize discriminatory behavior and promote inclusion in your workplace

Starbucks recently made national news for closing all of their stores in order to present anti-bias training to their workers. The measure became necessary after some Starbucks employees called the cops on individuals who very well could have been potential customers. These individuals were African American. It shouldn’t surprise you that this type of unconscious biased behavior isn’t limited to customer relations. It’s also a big problem among co-workers and supervisors as well.

There are federal anti-discrimination laws in place requiring you to protect your employees from sexual, gender, and psychological harassment, and bullying. But employee attitudes and actions don’t always cross that line to blatant #MeToo territory—they’re a little more ambiguous. Initiated by stereotypical thinking and driven by prejudices people aren’t always aware they have, these attitudes creep into the workplace in toxic ways, rearing their ugly heads in the form of harassment and bullying.

So how do you access and minimize individual unconscious bias in the workplace in order to maintain an inclusive, respectful environment? We’ve got the expert advice and insider info you need to create a harassment prevention strategy, keep your employees safe, and remain focused on your company’s mission.

Turn to: Stop Workplace Harassment and Create a Culture of Respect: Proven Prevention & Investigation Strategies, where you’ll learn…

  • What unconscious bias is and how it controls behaviors and conclusions;
  • How to resist accepting behavior that is consistent with stereotypes;
  • Where to find and take The Implicit Association Test to reveal hidden biases in your workforce;
  • How unconscious bias leads to harassment and bullying;
  • How discrimination lawsuits arise from heterosexism assumptions and how they can ruin your organization’s culture;
  • Why some employees respond negatively to LGBT inclusion, and what you can do about it;
  • Strategies to ensure LGBT inclusion in your workforce;
  • How to identify and confront sexual, gender, and psychological harassment and female vs. female bullying; and
  • What managers must do to prevent harassment and bullying.
  • And so much more!


You can’t afford to let unconscious bias creep into your workplace. But, in fact, it’s already there because everyone in your corporation has an unconscious bias. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) explains that intentional discrimination includes conscious and unconscious stereotypes, and the courts ARE receptive to unconscious bias, resulting in large settlements.

A costly discrimination lawsuit could take down your corporation. You need an indispensable resource filled with discrimination prevention strategies and practical tips that will help you create an inclusive culture of respect. Don’t wait! Order your copy of Stop Workplace Harassment and Create a Culture of Respect: Proven Prevention & Investigation Strategies,a comprehensive resource of expert advice you will turn to again and again for professional guidance.


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