Skills Essential for Effective Team Work DVD Collection (Set of 5 DVDs)

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Product Description

The ability to work in a team is essential in today’s workplace environment. To be effective, each team member must coordinate their work with that of other team members. However, working in a team doesn’t come naturally and many a times effective training is required to set a standard and encourage employees to set aside their differences and work coherently. So how do you train yourself or others to work effectively in teams? This DVD set goes deeper than typical “how-to” techniques. It teaches the principles behind the skills – about instilling knowledge, skills, attitudes and all needed competencies to work effectively in teams.


  1. A Team Of Eagles(DVD)
  2. Dealing With Difficult People in the Workplace
  3. How to Get Your Team to Stop Whining and Start Winning
  4. Rescuing Dysfunctional Teams
  5. Teambuilding 101: How to Create a Powerhouse Team from the People You Already Have

Each DVD is loaded with information about skills required to work effectively in a team, how to lead a team and to communicate. You will learn important tips about working effectively as a team in meetings, understanding each other, dealing with conflict, creativity, and making decisions as a team. And these professional training programs are fully interactive, with printable viewer´s guides and self-assessment forms to help guarantee your success.


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