Ringing Up Sales(e-Book)

Ringing Up Sales

Art Sobczak
80 Pages
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Product Description

Nothing Boosts Than Your Own Skills 

Ringing Up Sales by Art Sobezak 

Marketing is a theatre of war where players from across the world fight to be a winner. Be it Online, Direct or Tele-marketing, all offer variety of opportunities and challenges to their performers. Selling through a call is a wide subject, covering variety of methods, sales theories, models and sales training methods. 

To be jack of all trades especially in the marketing arena you need to have an obsession for innovation. To polish your communication skills, Dartnell publication offers you “Ringing Up Sales,” by Art Sobezak, a complete training book for telephone sales reps that guides you with the right approach. This complete training book attempts to summarize the main ideas of the professional selling field. 

A telephone sales rep encounters several challenges while interacting with the customers. These include: 

• The way we communicate on phone
• The right approach to make your customer listen to you
• Use your telephone and explain about the product
• And similar others… 

“Ringing Up Sales” is the kind of sales book that helps you: 

• Improve your voice and enhance the image on prospects and customers about the product
• Helps you maximize your telephone effectively by offering self-calling training program
• Allows you to customize the program material to your own special needs and helps you put what you have learned into the practice
• Allows you to customize the program material to your own special needs and also to put forward what you have learned into the training program. 

Master the techniques of smart and healthy telephonic conversation and become a great telephonic sales rep.

Ringing Up Sales by Dartnell e-book: $45.00. Complete Training Book for Telephone Sales Reps. Learn how to modulate your voice, how to listen well, how to reach out to that decision-maker and how to finally lead him the way you want to.


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