Rate Your Customer Care: 80 Quick Quizzes

Rate Your Customer Care: 80 Quick Quizzes

David Dee
206 Pages
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Product Description

Now Catch up with your Customer Services

Rate Your Customer Care – 80 quick quizzes

When it comes to Customer Services, you have to think things through different perspective. The positive customer service you deliver is characterized by any number of actions you intake to help customers. These actions include the smile that you have when you answer the call, the customer’s needs, and the satisfactory resolution to the customer’s question or problem.

Dartnell’s “Rate Your Customer Care – 80 quick quizzes”, by David Dee, introduces with some of the amazing ways that help you deal with your customers. This customer service book begins with self assessment quizzes that help you to evaluate your customer service skills.

Rate Your Customer Care – 80 quick quizzes helps on customer service skills evaluation and also provides in-depth knowledge on how customer service professionals should communicate to serve their customers better.

You get to learn about:

• The art of cultivating and perpetuating the good will of established customers
• The importance of attitude and teamwork in gaining customer support
• How to build up strong ties with your customers
• The importance credibility in gaining loyalty from your customers.
• Several ways to maintain contacts with your customers
• Improving your verbal and non –verbal communication skills.
• How to give customers what they want
• Manage stress and distance from the customers’ anger.

Read the master piece to evaluate your professionalism and determine which skills you need to work on to further succeed.

Rate Your Customer Care: 80 Quick Quizzes by Dartnell: Print $48.45, e-book $30.00. This book will evaluate your customer service skills. Prime objective of this book is to tell your strong points and improvement areas in which you need work to become excellent customer care professional.


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