Questions Asked of Dying Dreams

Philip Vassallo
91 Pages
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Product Description

Questions Asked of Dying Dreams adds up to a rousing maiden voyage for new playwright Vassallo and a challenging and enjoyable evening of theater. … Cynical, sarcastic, funny, or angry, all four playlets are insightful and engaging—no mean feat—and each takes a hard look at life, their characters always questioning its meaning.” — Bob Coyne, Asbury Park Press

Questions Asked of Dying Dreams is the umbrella title for four related one-acts.

What Do You Charge for a Cure? (35 minutes), about a director of a clinical program for developmentally disabled individuals who confronts her professional and personal doubts as she deals with one of her clients and a new intake.
How Silent Do I Sound?, about a bigoted, aging moving man who unexpectedly meets his new coworker and his own destiny.

Do I Bleed in the Dark (25 minutes), about a homeless ex-boxer who has a final chance to make something meaningful of his life in his dying moments.

Isn’t This the Way You Wanted Me? (25 minutes), about an embittered, frustrated wife who reassesses her marriage and life in light of her husband’s remarkable transformation

About Author

Philip Vassallo, Ed.D. has provided comprehensive communication consulting to over 25,000 employees across diverse professional disciplines. His services include teaching and coaching writing and presentation skills, designing interactive courses, assessing professional writing, and writing or editing for numerous organizations. He holds a B.A. in English (Baruch College), an M.S. in education (Lehman College), and a doctorate in educational theory (Rutgers University).


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