Person to Person: Essays from Two Centuries

Philip Vassallo
170 Pages
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Product Description

In Person to Person: Essays from Two Centuries, educator, poet, and playwright Philip Vassallo writes 26 essays on his abiding passions: theater, communication, society, literature, film, education, sports–often finding unique links between them. This collection spans the last decade of the twentieth and first decade of the twenty-first centuries, as the author worked as a reporter, columnist, professor, and artist for diverse organizations in the New York metropolitan area. In this volume, he writes on an impressive range of issues, including race relations, eating disorders, childcare, criminal law, school choice, the environment, cinema, playwriting, and literary biography. His line of thought varies as broadly as his interests and his conclusions can be surprising.

About Author

Philip Vassallo, Ed.D. has provided comprehensive communication consulting to over 25,000 employees across diverse professional disciplines. His services include teaching and coaching writing and presentation skills, designing interactive courses, assessing professional writing, and writing or editing for numerous organizations. He holds a B.A. in English (Baruch College), an M.S. in education (Lehman College), and a doctorate in educational theory (Rutgers University).


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