Payroll & FLSA Handbook - Overtime, Exempt Employees & Travel Pay

Vicki M. Lambert
76 Pages
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Product Description

Ensure Compliance with FLSA Standards Related to Overtime Pay, Exempt Employees and Travel Pay!

If you are an employer, you have most likely struggled with payroll issues related to overtime pay, travel and leisure pay, among other things at some point or the other. Indeed, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) suit filings have been on the rise. The FLSA was written in 1938 and is, in essence, a law that is over 70 years old, and often antiquated in its approach. Problems have increased due to the fact that the advent of technology has blurred the lines between when employees can be considered working and when they are considered not working. This causes considerable headache to employers when calculating overtime pay. The increased awareness of employees of their rights under the FLSA has also contributed to the rise of claims.

In this environment of increased regulations, it is important to have the knowledge to avoid the huge penalties associated with incorrect overtime calculations, mistakes in classifying exempt workers, and incorrect travel pay calculations.

The Payroll and FLSA Handbook by payroll expert Vicki M. Lambert attempts to simplify the complexity associated with calculating overtime, clears the confusion related to classifying employees as exempt, and explains how to adequately compensate for travel pay. You will get expert knowledge, along with real life examples, to help you avoid the penalties associated with incorrect overtime and travel pay calculations and incorrectly classifying employees as exempt.

Dartnell’s Payroll and FLSA Handbook will help you:

  • Understand the definition of overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Understand what constitutes a workday and workweek under FLSA
  • Learn the five, six and seven minutes rule to timekeeping
  • Learn how to define hours worked
  • Understand which payments in the employee’s paycheck affect overtime calculations
  • Learn which overtime calculation methods are correct or incorrect under FLSA
  • Learn how to handle overtime calculations in biweekly payrolls and fluctuating workweeks
  • Understand what constitutes the Cash Cows of auditing under FLSA
  • Identify the three tests the Department of Labor specifies to consider an employee as exempt
  • Identify which deductions from salary for exempt employees are permitted and which are not
  • Learn how to correctly conduct the Job Duties Test to assess the employee’s eligibility for exempt status
  • Understand the definition of travel pay under Wage and Hour law
  • Understand the general principles related to travel pay under FLSA
  • Understand the definition¬† and use of an opinion letter
  • Learn to implement an overtime policy successfully
  • Identify the requirements for reporting travel pay and overtime under IRS rules


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