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Product Description

Boost your productivity, save time, and become a more proficient MS Office user!

Microsoft Office applications—from Outlook and Word to Excel and PowerPoint—are supposed to make your life easier and to showcase your best professional efforts. The problem is that most of us just don’t have the time to experiment with the software features that will benefit us in our everyday work.

That’s why we at ProEdTech have perfected the art of putting smart, time-saving software training tools in the hands of all types of professionals—from accountants, administrators, and communications coordinators to digital marketers, financial planners, and sales representatives. If you use Microsoft Office regularly at work, and you’re ready to expand your capabilities to raise your game, the Office Pro Toolkit is for you!

The Office Pro Toolkit comes with an annual subscription to our best-selling publication Inside Microsoft Excel-PLUS, as well as 4 additional how-to Microsoft Office resources—all for one low price!

The Office Pro Toolkit has been specially designed to help you:

  • Take the best advantage of the technology you use on a daily basis.
  • Create more attractive reports, whitepapers, presentations, and publications.
  • Better understand and communicate complex data via charts and tables.
  • More effectively manage your (and your team’s) time with shared scheduling.
  • Dig yourself out from under an inbox that’s busting at the seams.
  • Efficiently assign projects and generate to-do lists.
  • And more!

The Office Pro Toolkit includes the following:

  • Inside Microsoft Excel-PLUS (monthly e-newsletter)
    Inside, you’ll find tons of tips, tricks, and techniques for working smarter and more efficiently with Microsoft Excel—as well as bonus ideas for increasing your productivity by leveraging the full MS Office suite of programs (and learn when/how they play nicely with Excel.) Contains clear, concise graphic depictions and step-by-step instructions for everything from formatting worksheets to delving into PivotTables.

PLUS: These 4 additional skill-building resources …

  • Inside Microsoft Office Catalog (online access) — $149
    Get answers to every MS Office question you have—right away, right at your fingertips! Use this keyword-searchable online database of easy-to-follow instructions to master the power of Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and more!

  • Microsoft Excel 2013: Pivots, Charts and Graphs (book download) — a $99 value
    Excel has over 450 built-in functions. This handbook covers the most commonly used ones—those that are indispensable for analyzing, managing, and communicating data effectively—including the ever important IF and VLOOKUP functions.

  • Microsoft Office 2013 (book download) — a $99 value
    If you regularly use Word but haven’t had the chance to explore formatting, numbering, tables, and other useful features, this book will get you up to speed—quickly. Hundreds of automatic formatting and navigation shortcuts await!

  • Outlook on Steroids (book download) — a $79 value
    Did you know that MS Outlook is much more than an email client? It’s an amazing time-management resource—that’s already at your fingertips. In this book, you’ll uncover this tool’s full, efficiency-enhancing potential.

Purchased individually, this collection of skill-building products would cost a total of nearly $600! But with the Office Pro Toolkit, you gain access to all these resources for the same price as an annual subscription to our cornerstone newsletter, Inside Microsoft Excel-PLUS —that’s just $149/year. Please note that this is a one-time offer only, offered to a select few customers like you, and will expire soon.

Office technology should help—not hinder!—your everyday tasks. Learn to harness the strengths of your operating system and the Microsoft Office suite so you can spend more time reaching for your career development goals. By combining monthly updates, comprehensive handbooks, and keyword-searchable databases, the Office Pro Toolkit puts the answers you need at your fingertips. Order today!


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