Microsoft Office 2013 Handbook

Mitzi Katz Gibson
240 Pages
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Product Description

It is said that we use only a small percentage of our software’s capabilities. As we transition into a new version, we tend to use the new software the way we used the old software.  Make the most of your software investment by learning the important features (new and old) and the shortcuts in each of the Office products. Microsoft Office 2013 Handbook is a collection of need-to-know features within each of the Office products. It is intended as a quick guide for review or reference for any level user. Those who are self-taught, and who may have gaps in their knowledge, can benefit from the overview of topics. For instance, if you have been using Word but are having challenges with formatting, numbering, tables, etc., you can follow the procedures in the workbook without reading in-depth narrative explanations. You may have never heard of Styles or Sections in Word, but most people in an office setting could make good use of automatic styles for generating an automatic table of contents or even for navigation shortcuts. Sections are used for creating different headers and footers within the same document, changing page orientation (portrait and landscape) within the same file, and combining multiple columns and single columns on the same page, as you might in a newsletter or directory.

Topics sample:

  • Microsoft Word: Did you know you can open a PDF file directly into Word 2013 and edit the file?
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Enrich your knowledge of transitions, animation, multimedia and SmartArt.  Learn to use the new Presenters View.
  • Microsoft Excel: The new FlashFill feature automatically combines data in your 2013 worksheets!
  • Microsoft Access: Grasp the nuances of database designs, tables and queries
  • Microsoft Outlook: Apply the smartest ways of emailing in Outlook, tracking meetings, contacts, and tasks
  • Microsoft Publisher: Master the art of text formatting, graphics placement, and page layout in publications.
  • Along with OneNote: Organize and manage notes and content of any size or shape
  • And Windows 8.1: Comprehend the environment, file management, and functionality.  Make your system work for you!

Review the topics as a means of learning features that you may not be aware of. You may be using the “long cuts” to complete your work. Microsoft Office 2013 Handbook contains numerous shortcuts to speed your work as well as “gotchas”, feature pitfalls for you to avoid.


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