Medical Malpractice Law & Litigation Report

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Product Description

The field of medical malpractice litigation is changing faster than ever. Innovative theories of liability are winning cases, while untimely dismissals and the invalidation of expert witnesses have become common. Plus, state courts are increasingly relying on their counterparts across the country for guidance. How can you stay on top of key verdicts in other jurisdictions—as well as the best prevailing arguments? There is a way: National Litigation Bureau’s Medical Malpractice Law & Litigation Report.

Each monthly issue analyzes recent litigation and delivers “lessons learned” to guide your preparation of complex claims. We don’t simply reiterate volumes of case law; rather Medical Malpractice Law & Litigation Report zeroes in on the litigation trends and settlement advice that will most affect your chances in court.

Inside, you’ll find insightful case law analysis, litigation briefs, legal strategies, judgments, and regulation updates. Our readers use Medical Malpractice Law & Litigation Report to overcome challenges on a wide range of med mal topics:

  • Evidence Admissibility
  • Contributory Negligence
  • Informed Consent
  • Damages Cap
  • Vicarious Liability
  • Collateral Source Rule
  • Standing Medical Orders
  • Tort Reform
  • Expert Testimony
  • Discovery
  • Jury Instructions
  • And More!

Medical Malpractice Law & Litigation Report is an essential tool in any medical malpractice attorney’s toolbox: a quick, authoritative guide to the key citations you need for constructing your next suit or defense. Give us a chance to prove what a help we can be to your practice!


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