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Product Description

Get these bestselling handbooks to get all the tools you need to save time and increase productivity with MS Office!

Microsoft Office is an essential part of every professional’s working life. Microsoft Office offers vast potential from analyzing complex data and tracking trends in Excel, using Outlook for emailing and scheduling to track meetings, contacts to using OneNote to manage notes and organize notes and information from various sources. Boost your productivity and increase efficiency by discovering and mastering all the Microsoft Office has to offer with this handbook package.

Microsoft Office Handbook Package Features:

  1. Outlook on Steroids
    This dynamic handbook will help you realize the full potential of Microsoft Outlook in enhancing your efficiency and productivity. Authored by expert Karla Brandau, this handbook will take you through Outlook’s advanced scheduling features. You’ll learn time-saving tips to help you organize your day; gain organizational tools to maximize your productivity, and will learn to use Outlook to keep all members of a project team on the same, efficient schedule.
  2. Microsoft Office 2013 Handbook is a collection of the most important and productivity-enhancing features within each of the Office products. This handbook, by expert Mitzi Katz Gibson, will help users at any level of proficiency in Microsoft Office get reviews or references to the smartest and most efficient ways to utilize the Microsoft Office Suite during their workday.
  3. Microsoft Office 2010 Handbook offers users of Microsoft Office the chance to enhance their productivity and efficiency by understanding the nuances and shortcuts that apply to Office. This handbook will provide users at every level of proficiency tips and insights to get more out of the Microsoft Office Suite!
  4. The Excel Data Handbook: Quick Tips & Techniques for Formatting, Sorting & Counting
    This handbook will help you use Excel to its full potential by learning about Excel’s most advanced features. You’ll learn the newest Excel features such as Sparklines and the Aggregate function and you’ll get a firmer understanding of PivotTables and PivotCharts. This handbook will explain the most advanced features in the simplest of language and will provide real-world examples for applying them in your own work.
  5. Microsoft OneNote 2010 Handbook
    OneNote is an extremely versatile and flexible application that can be used for numerous functions from taking notes to collecting and organizing data including text and graphics, audio and video clips. This handbook, authored by expert Mitzi Katz Gibson, will give to tips, techniques and insights to master OneNote and use it efficiently in your professional life.
  6. The Excel PivotTable Handbook – Your Compact Guide to PivotTables
    One of the most useful features in Excel is perhaps PivotTables, which can create tables that can summarize complex data. This handbook offers a comprehensive review of all the functionalities of pivot tables, and discusses how to quickly and efficiently organize large amounts of complex data and examine the relationship between different data and explore trends over a period of time.

Gain insights and tips from experts and become proficient in Microsoft Office Applications!

Buy this Microsoft Office Handbook package at a nominal price of $449 and begin your journey to mastery of MS Office today!


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