Magical Customer Service

Magical Customer Service

Marsha Wallace
48 Pages
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Product Description

Start Taking Care of your customers now or else loss them to someone else

Magical Customer Service: Implementing a Customer Awareness Program

Good and standardize customer support is the most important element for customer retention. To perform better on the customer service front you should not lose the zeal of learning. Surprisingly, many organizations are still dealing with the age old plan of “Pull out all stops when delighting a customer,” while delivering service to their customers.

This age old notion of winning the race does not help in the present completive world. To succeed in your goals you need to have a well planed customer awareness program. Edited by Marsha Wallace, and published by Dartnell, “Magical Customer Service: Implementing a Customer Awareness Program,” tells you how-to improve customer service and achieve the organizational goals.

Written with a vision this customer service book guides you on how:

• to lay the groundwork
• build your own strong team
• to present your project to the entire organization
• to establish effective follow-up and assessment processes
• the switchboard operator should answer the phone
• the receptionist or salesperson should greet the customers
• the serviceperson should present himself.

The book contains step-by-step instructions on building a customer awareness program and helps you in acquiring good customer service skills.

Magical Customer Service: Implementing a Customer Awareness Program by Dartnell: Print $40.45, e-book $30.00. This book will teach you how to delight your customers - From the very first steps, till the customer leaves your premises… as a repeat customer.


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