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Product Description

Get a Mix of Crucial Leadership Skills and Practical Solutions to Inspire Your Team and Deliver Results

As an effective and successful leader, you need to inspire and motivate your people. You need to be able to create a vision and transfer it to those around you. In today’s competitive corporate world, it’s essential to encourage hope, positivity, ambition and compassion amongst your peers and team-members, yet be pragmatic and embrace any change.

This Leadership Skills DVD set goes deeper than typical “how-to” techniques. This collection of DVDs offers effective skills and practical solutions for successful leadership – from managing employees, building a rocking team, boosting your employees’ productivity, to providing tips to help women leaders tackle various corporate challenges.  The content of these DVDs will help you acquire the skills you need to be an effective leader – so you can inspire people to give their best performance at the workplace!

This leadership-focused DVD set will give you access to the following DVDs:

  • Stop Avoiding Difficult Conversations: Practical Tactics for Crucial Communication
  • Leadership and Management: What’s the Difference?
  • New Leadership Skills for Today’s Global Workplace
  • Special Leadership Qualities Today’s Savvy Women Leaders Must Have
  • The Four Types of Leaders
  • The Great Escape: How to Recover Projects in Trouble
  • Get Them Going! Motivation Techniques to Boost Your Employees Productivity
  • Power Managing: Leadership Secrets for Today’s Managers
  • Empower Your Employees & Build Your Business
  • How to Attract Top Sales Professionals and Boost Revenue

Each 60-minute DVD helps you to create an action plan to provide great leadership to your team.  This exclusive 10-program collection is a mind-blowing mix of all the crucial leadership skills you’ll ever need to deliver real results.


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