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Product Description

Unlock the hidden potential of your IT & Web development skills!

As an IT/Web professional, dodging administrative nightmares can sometimes feel like a Choose Your Own Adventure book where any wrong turn can spell disaster. Every day, you look for ways to improve engineering infrastructure, automate repetitive tasks, cut out costly redundancies, practice smart code generation, minimize the potential for human error, and reduce security risks.

It’s a tall order! Why not let us help?

At ProEdTech, we pride ourselves on arming professionals with the tools they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively—especially in high stakes situations. That’s why we created the IT & Web Pro e-Resource Library, an online database of critical, time-saving, career-enhancing techniques to help you build your skills easily and quickly.

This comprehensive collection presents IT administrators, Web developers, and Web designers with on-demand tools for troubleshooting common admin problems, managing difficult networking challenges, reducing vulnerabilities in your code, enhancing the user experience, finding the latest digital imagery techniques to amplify your website design—and so much more!

ProEdTech’s IT & Web Pro e-Resource Library consists of 9 keyword-searchable online databases:

  • Web Design & Development eTips — a $100 value
    These timesaving techniques—neatly packaged in an easy-to-access interface—are aimed at increasing your productivity and expertise with the latest design & development tools: Visual Studio, .NET, HTML, PHP, CSS, and many more.

  • IT Professionals eTips — a $100 value
    Got an IT admin question? The short and dirty answer is in this database. Access immediate answers regarding: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server, SharePoint, Exchange Serve, SQL Server, and more. One easy-to-digest tip could save you hours of time and effort!

  • Visual Studio Developer Catalog — a $157 value
    Unearth expert instruction on how to use Visual Studio and Visual Basic more effectively—including how to create your own Visual Basic add-ins to enhance functionality, use dynamic controls to bring your programs life, and use toolboxes and third-party add-ons productively.

  • Inside Web Design Catalog — a $187 value
    Uncover the answers you need to master industry standard web-authoring tool suites from Macromedia and Adobe (through 2008). Plus, find expert-level HTML and CSS techniques to give your coding skills a boost!

  • SQL Server Solutions Catalog — a $299 value
    The solutions to your database design and management challenges are in this online resource library. We cover Microsoft SQL Server in all its flavors, from the scaled down to Embedded SQL Server and SQL Server for Windows CE, to the desktop version of MSDE, as well as the largest server clusters.

  • Oracle Professional Catalog  — a $157 value
    Use the information in this online catalog to administer your Oracle 9i database with confidence! You’ll learn how to maintain data integrity, use locally managed tablespaces to simplify space allocation, and maintain tighter security—without sacrificing performance.

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Solutions Catalog — a $227 value
    Find professional solutions and techniques for administering a Windows 2003 network, including securing critical data, using scripts effectively, managing workstations, identifying group policies, and more.

  • Inside Microsoft Windows XP Catalog — a $137 value
    Sticking with Windows XP? You can make it work smarter and faster with this indispensable resource. Uncover strategies for file sharing, remote assistance, reversing harmful changes, optimizing the operating system, and more.

  • Windows Professional Catalog — a $187 value
    There are Windows 2000 diehards out there, and if you’re one of them, you have your reasons! Use this online catalog—which includes comprehensive information on Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP—to brush up on migration, installation, configuration, remote administration, system policies, and networking techniques.

Purchased individually, these research tools would cost more than $1500! But with the IT & Web Pro e-Resource Library, you gain access to all these online catalogs for one low price—just $249/year. Please note that this is a one-time offer only, offered to a select few customers like you, and will expire soon.

IT/Web professionals like you must combine creativity and intuitive sense with hard-headed tech skills to meet the demands of your work. Let us help you rise to the challenge! The IT & Web Pro e-Resource Library is the career-development toolbox that delivers the answers you need in seconds. Order today!


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