If It Werent For Customers

If It Weren't For Customers

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Product Description

See the snippet before you buy!

You advertise, publicize, plead, cajole and shell out thousands of dollars to lure your dream prospects, and once you pitch your product or service, you ignore them. In today’s world, the sad part is that most of the companies are obsessed with getting new customers and in the gush of attracting bigger prospects they naively brush off the existing customers. 

“If It Weren’t For Customers” is a classic attitude and people skills training video that aptly dramatizes the value of every single customer that walks through your door. Through this riveting training program, you and your team will be able to learn the timeless and endearing customer services values. 

Here is an insight to some of the valuable lessons you will learn through this video:

  • Make yourself available to help
  • Be courteous and patient
  • Listen attentively
  • Go beyond the requirements of your job
  • Work with and not against your customers
  • And more!


The quality of service you provide to every customer is a direct reflection of your organization. With our exclusive training program, you will be able to foster an experience that retains your valued customers. And yes, word-of-mouth marketing comes as an added bonus for you!!

If It Weren't For Customers by Dartnell, DVD: $199. A complete customer service skills training video which will dramatize the value of every customer who walks through your door.


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