How to Get Past It and Get on with the Job

How to Get Past It and Get on with the Job

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105 Pages
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Product Description

Workplace Conflict: How to Get Past It and Get on with the Job – Print: $55, e-book: $40. Resolve conflict in workplace with this book. Improve office communication, workplace environment and team productivity

No matter where you work, workplace conflict is bound to be a reality in your day to day office dealings. But although it is unavoidable, it doesn’t have to be part of your professional dealing. There are ways to minimize and overcome the various negative situations that may surface on any given day – Dionne Ellis’ ‘Workplace Conflict: How to Get Past It and Get on with the Job’ tells you how!

This book comes packed with advice, strategies and real-world examples to make you well-equipped to take on any conflict situation that may sprout on your path and keep moving to get the job done.

This comprehensive resource will walk you through these ten chapters:

• Making the Right Hiring/Firing Information
• Managing Employee Performance
• Retaining Top Talent
• Motivating the Workforce
• Fostering Positive Coworker Relationships
• Dealing With Difficult Personalities
• Managing a Diverse Workforce
• Handling Discrimination Issues
• Maintaining a Safe Environment
• Achieving a Work-life Balance

Once you're done with this incredible teamwork resource, dealing with workplace conflicts will be a cakewalk!


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