How to Be a Quality Performer

Dartnell Corp
90 Pages
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Product Description

Quality sometimes becomes a sort of Holy Grail that everyone constantly strives to attain. Indeed, quality is extremely important to success and in order to provide quality performance, you should essentially have attributes of quality. Do you have those personal attitudes? What are those attitudes and attributes anyway? Can they be learned, or are they ingrained? Finding and defining the personal characteristics of quality is what How to Be a Quality Performer is all about. The workbook examines what comprises personal quality. It shows you how that translates into your work and provides you examples and tests designed to let you practice and perfect the lessons into workable skills you can use to advance your career.

The five short sessions include:

  • The foundations of quality
  • Meeting the needs of your customers
  • Quality means consistent growth
  • The qualities of quality
  • Creating quality service

You may have questions like how to consistently perform your job at the top of your ability. You may also have tried to unravel the secret to continually improve your performance. This book will definitely help you become more efficient at satisfying customers. The book contains five sessions of short bursts of training including self-assessment quizzes which helps you measure your progress. Enjoy various interesting and entertaining learning methods and boost up your quality performance.


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