How Leaders Lead

How Leaders Lead

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Product Description

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Inspire Greater Performance through Effective Leadership

Be the leader that employees look up to!

Leadership is the wind in the sails of a team. Great leaders are the difference between an average performance and an extraordinary performance. With a more sophisticated and educated workforce that is constantly looking for opportunities for growth in overlapping professional and personal spheres, leaders cannot be complacent.  Today’s leader needs to be dynamic, flexible and adaptable. Gone are the days of the autocratic and critical manager. Employees expect people in leadership roles to be willing to roll their sleeves up and keep on facilitating, encouraging and supporting them.

Dartnell’s DVD How Leaders Lead by Ken Blanchard and Brian Tracy discusses the strategies that ensure great leadership and provides insight into managing teams effectively to get the best out of your people. This DVD is about learning habits that lead to a more productive professional life and developing the skills necessary for leading effectively. Understand the qualities that define a great leader, from defining values and goal setting to innovation, courage and crisis anticipation. Great leaders strive to progressively improve.

Great leaders don’t just focus on their own growth but also lead others towards higher professional achievement. Learn about motivating your employees and sharing in their personal and professional growth. Understand the importance of balancing your career and your life for optimal performance at work.

Dartnell’s How Leaders Lead brings two renowned leaders together to share their extensive research and experiences and offer practical ideas, keen insights and recommendations that can help you lead your team to success. This DVD brings you information from varied sources; from expert opinions by bestselling authors and management consultants, to examples of successful practices and habits leaders in firms such as IBM, Johnson and Johnson etc., live and abide by.

This dvd provides insights into leadership, which includes:

  • Qualities of a great leader
  • The ability to Continuously Improve.
  • Setting Goals aligned with a Strategic Mission
  • Being Task Oriented and Result Focused
  • Defining Key Result Areas
  • Focusing on Innovation, Creativity and Challenging the Status Quo
  • Overcoming Fear and the 3 Essential kinds of Courage Leaders need
  • The Impact of Integrity on Business Relationships
  • Leading by Example
  • 4 types of Leadership styles for Effective Team Building
  • Matching Leadership styles to Employee Skills and Experience
  • Effectively Delegating Decision Making
  • How to Motivate your Team
  • The P.E.R.F.O.R.M. Model for Team Building and Group Development
  • Clarity of Quality and Individual Roles
  • Fostering Empathy and Harmony in a Team
  • Ensuring Open Communication and Conflict Resolution in a Team
  • Identifying the Needs and Motivations of your Employees
  • Matching Job Profiles and Team Roles to Individual Needs
  • Fostering a Culture of Learning from Failure
  • Managing Performance Reviews
  • The A.C.H.I.E.V.E. model of Management
  • Creating a Balanced Career through the P.A.C.T model

How Leaders Lead: Ken Blanchard and Brian Tracy, Audio DVD $239.

Order this DVD now to become the leader that inspires your team to new heights!


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