Hiring for Keeps: A Guide for Successful Onboarding & Retention

Judi Clements, Wes Pruett
150 Pages
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Product Description

Cut Employee Recruitment & Turnover Costs With Better Retention Strategies

Find out why employees leave—and how you can get them to stay

There are more than hurt feelings at stake when an employee quits! The cost of losing an employee can range from tens of thousands of dollars to two times the employee’s annual salary, according to Deloitte. These costs include hiring, onboarding, training, ramp-up time, lost productivity, increased error rates, and general workplace culture impacts.

So how do you retain your top-notch talent within your organization? We’ve got the expert guidance, tools, and insider info you need to keep your employees motivated, compensated, and dedicated to your company’s mission.

Turn to Hiring for Keeps: A Guide for Successful Onboarding & Retention, where you’ll learn …

  • How onboarding improves performance, increases engagement, and fosters better relationships and job satisfaction
  • Why stimulating and challenging work are top motivators for employee retention
  • How employee stress negatively affects your company’s bottom line with absenteeism, burnout, and turnover
  • How to develop leadership skills and hold supervisors accountable for retention
  • How properly executed exit interviews can help you hone your retention model
  • Why developing a culture of continuous learning is so important to employee satisfaction
  • What to do to create an employee community of role models, mentors, and trainers


Recruiting new employees is arduous and expensive! A 2012 study by the Center for American Progress found that for workers earning less than $50,000 annually—which covers three-quarters of all workers in the United States—the typical cost of turnover is 20 percent of salary. In other words, it can cost your company an average of $10,000 every time you need to replace a single mid-level employee!

Don’t wait another day! You can’t afford to waste money hiring and training employees only to let them slip away. You need a resource you can use again and again, a treasure trove filled with retention strategies and expert guidance that will help you mold and retain your valuable employees. Order Hiring for Keeps, a comprehensive guide that will become a critical part of your Human Resources toolbox.


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