Hiring for Keeps: A Guide for Successful Onboarding & Retention

Judi Clements, Wes Pruett
80 Pages
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Product Description

Avoid New Hire Nightmares With New Strategies

Get the tools you need for onboarding (and retention!) success…

Traditional orientation programs often saddle new hires with HR paperwork and long-winded welcomes—neither of which prepares them for their duties—or sets them up for long-term success at the organization. Orientation is a flawed model! But there’s something new—and better—according to pros: Onboarding.

Referred to as “orientation on steroids,” onboarding involves all levels of the organization, not just HR. The goal is to assimilate new hires, equip them with the tools necessary to succeed, and help them become fully engaged and culturally aware members of a productive workforce—from the get-go!

Learn more about this more-than-just-a-trend model in the Hiring for Keeps: A Guide for Successful Onboarding & Retention. Inside, you’ll learn …

  • Why traditional orientation models often fail (and cost you a fortune)
  • How to create an onboarding development task force to get the right people on the team
  • What essential content to include in your onboarding program
  • What a phased-in onboarding program looks like at 1 Day, 1 Month, 90 Days, and 1 Year
  • How to implement employee retention strategies (especially for millennial workers)
  • How to incorporate professional development in your onboarding program to keep employees motivated, engaged, and loyal to your organization

Recruiting and training employees is expensive, which makes employee retention more important today than ever before. Onboarding is a proven way to accomplish that goal: Research shows that retaining a salesperson for three years instead of two, along with better onboarding and management practices, yields a difference of $1.3 million in net value to the company over a three-year period, according to a case study technology executive Maia Josebachvili at Greenhouse conducted.

Don’t wait! Arm yourself today with the necessary tools you need to customize a successful onboarding program for your organization. Access exclusive insider information, expert advice, and proven techniques to cost effectively and quickly get your new hires up to speed. Order your copy of the Hiring for Keeps: A Guide for Successful Onboarding & Retention today!


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