Tough Customers

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Product Description

Handle Tough Customers Gracefully and Deliver Flawless Customer Service!

Every Customer Service professional dreads the tough customer, the angry customer, the difficult customer. Problems and issues go hand in hand with doing business. Whether it’s something you or your company did, whether the problem was with your communication or the policies your company has, or even something a third party vendor did that’s out of your control, there will always be problems to be resolved, making the difficult customer inevitable.

Dartnell Corp., a leading publisher of business information and training through books, newsletters, videos etc., brings you Tough Customers, which provides effective and productive techniques for handling tough customer service situations. Dartnell’s Tough Customers, provides you with the fundamental and crucial techniques for dealing with the inevitable tough customer.

Whether you are a customer service rep, team leader, manager or a business owner, Dartnell’s Tough Customers will provide you invaluable insight into handling difficult customer service situations effectively and will help you prevent future problems to deliver high quality customer service.

Dartnell’s Tough Customers would cover:

  • Effectively handling a tough situation – Understand how to restore calm during interactions¬†
  • Learn problem solving techniques in customer contact situations over the telephone as well as in person
  • Identify, understand and serve customers with special needs
  • Handle sensitive matters and unique situations effectively and positively
  • Learn to handle a situation where the customer is wrong
  • Handle a situation where you are wrong
  • Tips and techniques to prevent problems in the future and ensure excellent customer service
  • Test your Customer Service skills with personal quizzes at the end of each chapter


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