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Product Description

Dare to free your design creativity from the limits of image editing software!

As a design professional, you are always on the hunt for time-saving, creativity-boosting tools. After all, your graphic design software is supposed to enhance your artwork and inspire new ideas—not put up roadblocks!

That’s why we, at ProEdTech, compiled the Graphic Design e-Resource Library—an online database of thousands of tips and techniques for getting the most out of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, AutoCAD, and more. With access to this e-resource, the answers to your image editing challenges (whether big or small!) are literally at your fingertips.

The Graphic Design e-Resource Library presents design professionals with on-demand, skill-building instruction on a wide variety of tasks, including how to:

  • Master the art of master pages
  • Quickly and easily apply artistic effects
  • Use artboards—even in Photoshop
  • Create and scale 2-D and 3-D custom objects
  • Use layer tricks to change an overall image
  • Easily find and replace colors—and group them into “swatches”
  • Create “faux” fonts and other effects to meet clients’ specs
  • Preview editing options—without deleting anything!
  • Customize menus to meet your preferred-commands needs
  • Modify shortcuts for consistency between design applications
  • And a whole lot more!

ProEdTech’s Graphic Design e-Resource Library consists of 5 keyword-searchable online databases:

  • Graphic Design eTips — a $100 value
    These timesaving techniques—neatly packaged in an easy-to-access interface—are aimed at increasing your productivity and expertise with the most current versions of the design tools you use in your everyday work: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat, Creative Cloud, and more.

  • Creative Designer Catalog — a $147 value
    Use this comprehensive library to develop cutting edge creativity that’s not held hostage by software—whatever you use. Inside, you’ll find inspiration for your next project as well as practical, quick, and relevant instructions supported by full-color illustrations.

  • Inside Photoshop Catalog — a $149 value
    Clear, step-by-step instruction on hundreds of Photoshop features—and advice from design pros on the practical techniques your user manual doesn’t touch. Learn to eliminate unnecessary steps, avoid common time-wasting mistakes, and unlock the hidden capabilities of Photoshop up through CC 2014.

  • Inside Adobe InDesign Catalog — a $197 value
    Serious InDesign users know there is always more to learn—there’s a lot more power under the hood than many realize! This catalog offers easy-to-follow, professional-level advice, tips, and field-tested techniques all in one comprehensive online library. We provide you with the best InDesign coverage on up through CS6.

  • Inside AutoCAD Catalog — a $197 value
    This reference tool is packed with power-user-level advice that reveals the hidden program features of AutoCAD  (through 2009). Learn key programming techniques, such as AutoLISP and VBA tricks; foolproof methods for adding realistic detail; and methods for upping the accuracy of radial and arc dimensions.

Purchased individually, these research tools would cost a total of $800! But with the Graphic & Digital Design e-Resource Library, you gain access to all these online catalogs for one low price—just $249/year. Please note that this is a one-time offer only, offered to a select few customers like you, and will expire soon.

The Graphic Design e-Resource Library includes thousands of articles written and tested by design experts for practical, real-world use. Search by keyword to find the design answers you need in seconds! We’re confident that the Graphic Design e-Resource Library will become an essential tool for your success in the fast-paced graphic design field. Order today!


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