Going the Extra Mile on Phone

Umbaugh John
94 Pages
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Product Description

Going the Extra Mile on Phone

The How to Book on Turning Your Call Centre Into a Profit Centre

If your job profile comprises dealing with the customers on phone for major part of the day, and you are finding it hard to increase your credibility as a salesman or handle difficult customers on phone, then this book – ‘Going the Extra Mile on Phone’ by John Umbaugh is the Bible for you. Learn to identify your shortcomings, improve your telephonic conversations and hit the desired sales target with this comprehensive book.

In ‘Going the Extra Mile on Phone’, John compiles his experience over the years into a training manual for employees to achieve the record sales in a short period of time by honing their customer-pleasing skills on phone. The book has self-help examples on how you can tackle and retain tricky customers. Each page of the book comprises insights into real-time difficulties and quick-fix solutions to problems faced by employees in a call centre.

Highlights of the book are:

  • Tips and checklists to ensure better communication with customers
  • Customer service facts
  • Valuable examples of communication to deal with annoyed customers
  • Imperative customer service facts
  • Tips to close a conversation
  • How to prioritise tasks of high importance
  • Learn the art of delivering bad news
  • How to retain a customer
  • And lots more

Get a copy now to uplift your sales target

Going the Extra Mile on Phone – Learn how to convert a sceptic customer into a loyal one by effective listening and managing customer calllbacks, with tips and strategies to boost up your business today with Dartnell’s top –notch sales books. Print: $89, e-book: $49


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