FERPA: A Compliance Guide To Educational Privacy In The Digital Age

Timothy E. Gilsbach, ESQ
70-90 Pages
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Product Description

Avoid FERPA Violations With Expert Digital Privacy Guidance

Learn how to manage publicity nightmares without running afoul of the law.

In the education arena, neglecting an important privacy setting or sending an email too hastily can get you into trouble and even jeopardize your school’s federal funding. Now, more than ever before, schools need expert guidance on how to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) in the digital age.

Before you unintentionally disclose protected student information, learn how to avoid the privacy pitfalls presented by social media, emails, learning apps, and electronic records. In this ebook, administrators will learn how to avoid potential FERPA violations and understand what’s permissible and what isn’t.

Our unique ebook, FERPA: A Compliance Guide To Educational Privacy In The Digital Age, will provide you with a clear understanding of…

  • The full extent of student privacy rights under FERPA;
  • Pros and cons of using social media in the classroom;
  • How to handle staff, parents, or students bad-mouthing the school online;
  • What you may be doing wrong with electronic document storage;
  • How to respond to law enforcement demands for immigration information;
  • Ways to improve your staff’s FERPA training; and
  • Need-to-know lessons lifted from recent court rulings and Family Policy Compliance Office guidance


Shouldn’t you be devoting your time and energy to enhancing education rather than defending yourself because your institution made an inappropriate disclosure? Don’t wait another day to ensure your students’ privacy protections are up to date! Use this expert guidance to prepare yourself and your staff for the demands of the digital age and to make sure your school is storing – and releasing – digital records appropriately.

Order your copy of FERPA: A Compliance Guide To Educational Privacy In The Digital Age today!


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