Essential Customer Service Phone Etiquette

Essential Customer Service Phone Etiquette

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Product Description

Bridge The Gap Between The Causal And Elegant!  

Telecommunication plays a vital role in shaping any sort of business irrespective of the sales or services you provide. Your customers are the asset and disappointing or offending them would prove to be quite expensive. It is not necessary that your employee would do something intentionally but often it happens that they fail to realize what kind of message they want to send to their callers. 

Organizations across the globe spend plenty of time and money on their reps to develop and improve their phone etiquettes yet challenges never cease. Therefore, to help your employees overcome those weaknesses; Dartnell publications offer “Essential Customer Service Phone Etiquette,” the ultimate guide for professional telephone etiquette. 

This proper phone etiquette e-Book helps you to focus on:

  • customer service phone etiquette that helps them improve their communication skills
  • Strong words that could make the customer believe he is the king
  • How-to make a tight lipped customer open up
  • Controlling your shivers up to your spines prior to calling a potentially tough customer
  • Morale boosting articles that will pep up the employee’s spirit just when required to pull through a tough day at work
  • The correct use of language, which is absolutely customer friendly and not fake


That’s not all! The incredible phone etiquette tips also help you to:

  • Avoid words that undermine communication
  • Use the right corporate lingo when interacting with your customers.
  • Adapt to your caller’s communication style with notable telephone etiquettes
  • Polish your communication skills in no time
  • Swear off the use of profanity

From common courtesy to handling angry callers politely, your employees get a crash course in phone success through quick tips, motivational quotes and real-life examples.


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