Engage The Toughest Caller

Dartnell Corp
52 Pages
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Product Description

Tips & Real-Life Examples to Deal with Difficult, Frustrated or Irate Callers

Sometimes you’ll answer the phone only to hear an angry customer launch into a tirade about how your company has done him wrong. Wouldn’t it be ideal to have a solution at hand every time you run into a difficult, frustrated or irate customer? 

If you find yourself listening to such a troublesome customer, Engage The Toughest Caller can help by providing all the tips and strategies you need to survive the toughest of calls! 

A product of Dartnell Corp’s best selling Customer Service series, Engage The Toughest Caller tells you how to best address a caller complaint, how to avoid the most common miscommunications made during business calls, how to right your wrongs, how to really ‘listen’ to your callers, and much more! 

A must-have for all sales executives, technical support, customer service representative and even their managers, Engage The Toughest Caller covers:

  • What your callers really need from you
  • Don’t give your callers excuses
  • 5 steps to reveal bad news
  • Rein in emotions quickly
  • Get to the root of your caller’s problem
  • Make the most of your first impressions
  • Be patient with confused callers
  • Check in with callers for good measure
  • Make the most of your first impressions
  • Don’t let chatty callers drone on
  • No such thing as a bad question
  • And much more!


Your next irate call could be the best opportunity to prove that your company stands behind its customers. Let Engage The Toughest Caller show you the way!


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