First Team

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193 Pages
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Product Description

Empower Your Team Towards Greater Cohesion and Success

Teamwork is an inextricable part of the modern business organism. What started with novel ideas like quality circles has now become the backbone of every major organization’s success. Small, autonomous teams have become essential for the expansion of organizations across national boundaries and the smooth integration of organizations into a work environment that spans different geographies, time zones and cultures.

Dartnell Corp., a leading publisher of business information and training through books, newsletters, videos etc., brings you First Team, which provides effective and productive techniques for creating, leading and handling a team to achieve outstanding results. Dartnell’s First Team, provides you with the skills that, as part of a team, whether as a invaluable member or team leader, help you take the team to soaring heights. There is an entire section of this book dedicated to preparing you for a leadership role in a team, regardless of whether you are already a team leader or will be in the future.

Whether you are a member of a team, a team leader, a manager thinking of building a team, Dartnell’s First Team will provide you invaluable insight into becoming a happier and more productive team member. In this book, you’ll find personal quizzes at the end of each chapter that will help test your skills. Find case studies of successful teams and team leaders that you can emulate and anecdotes and motivational quotes that will keep your spirits up!

Dartnell’s First Team would cover:

  • The basics of teamwork
  • Understanding team psychology
  • Practices for building an effective team
  • Skills needed to launch a new team
  • How to become a good team player
  • Understanding team dynamics
  • Strategies for working cohesively
  • Providing feedback to help each other grow
  • How to handle problems when they arise
  • Successfully resolving team issues
  • Managing conflict to generate creativity
  • Tips for motivating your team and energizing meetings


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