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Product Description

Don’t Take the Telephone For Granted! Tips to Wield the Telephone Triumphantly

Using the telephone is an inescapable part of work for people in any profession. For some of us, it’s even more essential. If you are secretary, assistant or a receptionist, a telemarketer, a sales executive or a customer service executive, chances are, a major part of your job involves talking on the phone. Even if you aren’t in one of these professions, you still need to communicate with business associates over the phone.

Dartnell Corp., a leading publisher of business information and training through books, newsletters, videos etc., brings you Telephone Terrific, which provides effective and productive telephone techniques, no matter what your profession. Dartnell’s Telephone Terrific, provides you with tips and techniques for making and placing effective phone calls.

Dartnell’s Telephone Terrific is divided into separate, easy-to-use chapters that cover your individual telephone needs based on your profession, from secretary or receptionist to customer service or sales executive. You will get invaluable tips and insights for calling on prospects, receiving and leaving phone messages, as well as handling customer orders or caller complaints. Get techniques for using your time on the phone effectively to find new customers as well as learn to speak with customers with more courtesy and efficiency.

Dartnell’s Telephone Terrific would cover:

  • Tips on telephone basics and telephone courtesy
  • Tips for communicating effectively over the telephone
  • Tips for secretaries, assistants and receptionists – juggling multiple calls, handling switchboard traffic
  • Tips for telesales – making a pitch or overriding objections
  • Dealing with angry customers courteously and effectively
  • Handling customer complaints over the phone
  • What to do if you are put on hold or if you need to put someone on hold
  • How to be audible and coherent on a call
  • How to use voice mail effectively
  • How to politely and efficiently hang up a call


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