Dealing with Price Resistance

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Proven Techniques To Build a Value Perception For Your Product or Service in the Customer’s Mind

No matter what product or service you are selling, price resistance is a natural part of the customer’s buying process. Most likely, you’ve had a brush with price resistance more than once in your marketing endeavors.

Dartnell’s ‘Dealing with Price Resistance’ offers you valuable insights on overcoming price resistance through adding values to your product or service. This classic training DVD from Dartnell Corp., provides a wealth of practical tips and techniques to help you build a value perception for your product or service in the customer’s mind. This DVD will help you identify the four most common types of price-resistant customers you are likely to face, and provides you with guidance on tailoring your approach to each of them. It uses several examples to illustrate how to overcome pricing objections and make the close on a deal.

Price is a major factor in the considerations of any customer or client. Products or services which are expensive or are perceived as such will always face greater resistance. Fear not! You can overcome these objections by increasing the value perception of your product; not just the functional advantages of your offering, but also the intangible company values that are associated with the product.

The best way to overcome price objections is to demonstrate how you meet the customer’s needs and provide them with benefits. Learn how to set yourself apart from your competition and communicate your advantages to your customers with this rare and classic training DVD.

Dartnell’s ‘Dealing with Price Resistance’ will demonstrate the following system, modelled on mathematics, to overcome price objections and communicate the benefits and values to your customers:

  • Addition: Convert features of your offering into customer benefits. Build the value of your product or service by adding each feature benefit step by step.
    • Get the customer to tell you his perception of value.
    • Show the customer you are sensitive to their needs.
    • Show the customer that you are aware of their product or service expectations.
  • Subtraction: Take away feature benefits until the customer is either ready to buy or tells you to add them back in. Subtract what the customer isn’t getting from your competition and add your unique features or benefits
  • Multiplication: Multiply the feature benefits with the value of the intangibles associated with your organization. Create a perception of greater value for the customer
  • Division: Break down your feature benefits into smaller units so that incremental cost can be translated into real value.

Whether you are a marketing or product manager or supervisor handling a team, an individual employee or a business owner, with Dartnell Corp’s ‘Dealing with Price Resistance’, you will learn how to communicate your company offering’s value benefits to the customer with confidence and assertiveness. This highly effective, 25-min training video will help you to sell the full value of your product or service and turn the price objection into a successful sale.

Dealing with Price Resistance: Dartnell Corp., Audio DVD $179.

Order now and turn every price objection into a successful sale!


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