Dazzle Me! How to Deliver Uncommonly Good Customer Service Every Time

David Dee
235 Pages
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Product Description

A lightbulb went off above the headquarters of business organizations across the United States in the mid-1980s. Why? This was when company CEOs, presidents, supervisors and managers woke up to the importance of customer service. Initially, many businesses thought of quality only in terms of the products they created. The focus was more on putting better systems in place to produce faster and better products. In all the concern for quality improvement, many companies had overlooked the most important ingredient – the customer.

Enlightened business leaders who had assumed that ‘if you build a better widget, they will come’ suddenly realized that they had to do even more:  They had to stand behind their products with high-quality customer service as well.

Lightbulbs were going off elsewhere as well as customer realized that they now had a wide range of options as to where they could shop, what to buy and how much to pay for products and services. If they didn’t get the best deal or the best satisfaction in one place, they could go somewhere else.

As a result, customer service, like other professions, has become much more sophisticated and demanding. Customer reps who provide only average service won’t go very far, while the sky is now the limit for those who make a personal commitment to dazzle customers with uncommonly good customer service every time.

If you are one of those reps – someone who wants to grow personally and professionally, who wants your company to stand out from the rest, who wants to go beyond just ‘pleasing’ customers to dazzling them instead – this book can help get you there.

What’s inside?

  • An overview of basic customer service and concepts
  • The Dazzle Me! 7-Step Formula for Frontline Success
  • Profiles of top-notch customer service providers (‘the Dazzlers‘)
  • ‘What would you do?’ self-checks
  • Self Quizzes
  • Quick tips, humorous but relevant illustrations
  • New ideas (‘service sparklers’) that have worked for other reps
  • Tips and motivations
  • And of course, More!

With its racy and simple style, we hope you will treat this book as a ‘hands-on’ tool for helping you advance further in your customer service career- either ‘up the ladder’ or in improving your service every day. Keep it close at hand, and pick it up frequently to uncover some new idea that will help you provide the service that won’t just please customers, but leave them dazzled!

Customer service is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and demanding today and average service don’t go that far. Learn how your organization can dazzle customers with uncommonly good service.


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