Customer Service Managers Idea-A-Day Guide

Customer Service Manager's Idea-A-Day Guide

David Dee
323 Pages
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Product Description

Ensure Satisfactory Services To Your Customers

Growing competition and ongoing challenges have made every business pay great attention to their customer needs. To make your customer listen and respond positively managers, supervisors and team leaders need to energizes their teams with right approach. Along with customer centric training they also need to find out ways on how-to motivate sales team.

Although there are several books on customer service that sell motivational tips, yet very few achieve the goal with right approach. Dartnell publications now presents, ‘The Customer Service Manager’s Idea-A-Day guide,” by David Dee that acquaint you not just handful but complete 250 ways to manage and motivate customer service team.

Whether good or bad, customer services leave an ineradicable impression on potential and existing customers. To make a customer feel listened to, the customer service team must do more than little vocal acknowledgments. Customer service manager’s Idea-A-Day guide helps you in all the important areas of your role as a customer service manager.

This customer service book gives you:

• Step-by-step training on how-to motivate a sales team achieve the organizational goals
• Way to create customer service-focused organization
• How-to build a service-driven team
• Make your reps work efficiently
• Be an example to the others budding reps

So what are you waiting for? Get your copy of ‘The Customer Service Manager’s Idea-A-Day guide,” by David Dee to manage and motivate a team to achieve the target goal.

Customer Service Manager's Idea-A-Day Guide by Dartnell: Print $57.94, e-book $30.95. This book features 250 ways to motivate your customer service team — one for each working day of the year. And each idea has been tested on the field and is guaranteed to work wonders for your team's morale and potential.


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