Creating Customer Service Teams

Creating Customer Service Teams

Marsha Wallace
51 Pages
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Product Description

Magical Customer Service: Creating Customer Service Teams

An effective customer service team not only holds the credibility of a company but also plays a crucial role in maintaining gross revenue. Maintaining an effective service team has always been a great challenge and requires commitment and follow-through to achieve organizational goals.

Edited by Marsha Wallace, and published by Dartnell, “Magical Customer Service: Creating Customer Service Teams,” provides you some incredible ways on how to form and maintain a best customer service team. This work of art features some of the great ideas that guide you to provide right customer service training for a strong and efficient team.

This remarkable compilation familiarize you on:

• How to cultivate customer service skills in your team members
• Identify the strenghths of your team members
• Motivate team for positive and constructive feedback
• Encourage team to come up with new ideas
• Closely monitor team progress to ensure continuous improvement
• Maintain effective team for the ongoing tasks

Designed with a goal the book acquaints Managers, Team Leaders, Projects leaders, Public Relation Officers, Copy Editors from various industry with some of the unique ways to lead a good customer service team.

The book also helps on how-to:

• Promote knowledge sharing among the team players
• Share resposibilites within the group and also provide additional responsibilites to the members
• Focus on the team goals rather than on the individual’s
• Encourage compatibilty between the co-workers.

This and more! So do not wait and order now to develop and maintain an outstanding customer service team.

Creating Customer Service Teams


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