Comprehensive Meeting Leaders Guide

Comprehensive Meeting Leader's Guide

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Product Description

Path to Stellar Customer Service

‘Best in the Field: The 5 Stars of Service Success’

Best in the Field: The 5 stars of Service Success‘ is a complete educational and motivational program designed especially for field service representatives. By participating in this program, you’ll learn or review key customer service skills that’ll not only help you be more effective but also increase the satisfaction you take in serving customers.

The presentation and the accompanying training have been created to build awareness and understanding of the qualities required to achieve customer service success. Using realistic, everyday situations as a springboard, the program illustrates some of the problems service representatives commonly face and describes the actions that can bring success or failure in dealing with them. It also examines and explains the reasons behind the service representatives’ actions and clearly points out why certain approaches lead to customer satisfaction and others do not.

The key steps or 5 Stars of customer service success are identified in the five lessons, which will help service representatives improve their effectiveness.

This program will take you through key workshop lessons:

• Attitude is Everything
• Focus on the Problem
• Listen, Learn & Solve
• Don’t Place Blame
• Be a Professional
• And lots more!

When you’re through with these 5 stars of customer service, you’ll know the path to reach your goals!


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