A Gift from Mrs Timm

A Gift from Mrs Timm

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Product Description

See the snippet before you buy!

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is a simple yet very powerful message aptly exemplified in the ultimate classic video, A Gift from Mrs. Timm. This truly effective training video motivates unfriendly and unresponsive, “I couldn’t care less” employees and instills in them a feeling of willingness to go that extra mile to win over and establish a good rapport with a customer.

All great companies irrespective of the product or service they provide understand the importance of being welcoming and attentive to the customer. This Customer Service Class discusses the four most critical, timeless and universal customer service themes:

  • Attentiveness –This video explains you the importance of providing undivided concentration and anticipation to fulfill a customer’s needs and how it would help you to become a more valued, respected and successful employee.
  • Knowledge – For customer service representatives, having more knowledge about the product or service means more sales. This video will help you realize the significance of being polite and delivering all the right information to the customer when he/she enquires about a product or policy.
  • Empathy – Putting yourself in the shoes of the customer is vital especially when they have a complaint. You need to be polite and demonstrate your interest in the customer’s requests and enquiries. Through this video you will learn the importance of enquiring about the customer’s problems and offering help to together find an acceptable solution.
  • Initiative – Great customer service needs initiative and the customers need to know that you care. Offer your help to fill out a form and answer to their queries even before they are asked and you are sure to make your customer happier.

A Gift from Mrs Timm by Dartnell, DVD: $199.00. It is a truly effective training video for customer service representatives. True-to-life portrayals of typical job situations which will reveal the importance of being helpful and courteous to customers.


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