A Comprehensive Guide to Onboarding and Retaining Your Best Employees: DVD + Handbook Combo!

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Product Description

There are more than hurt feelings at stake when an employee quits! The cost of losing an employee can range from tens of thousands of dollars to two times the employee’s annual salary, according to Deloitte. These costs include hiring, onboarding, training, ramp-up time, lost productivity, increased error rates, and general workplace culture impacts. Apart from the considerable resources required for recruiting, higher-than-desired turnover also leads to day-to-day staffing shortages.

How can you retain your most valuable employees?

How do you cut employee recruitment and turnover costs?

Do you want to take your employee retention problems down a few notches?

We have just the resources for you! Get comprehensive strategies, expert insights and valuable tips from our employee management experts in this exclusive handbook and DVD combo. Retaining staff is and should be a concern for almost every organization. Improved retention is the solution to slow the turnstile of coming and going staff – retention strategies benefit both employees and management.

DVD – Retention and Employee Engagement

As leaders, you must create work environments that encourage employee retention by motivating your employees, providing them timely recognition, aiding their development and providing better benefits. In this session, HR consultant Wes Pruett will provide the real reasons as to why employees stay or leave, and strategies you can use to retain good employees.

Order this DVD and learn:

  • Surprising ways how compensation impacts retention
  • 135+ ideas for reducing turnover
  • How to create a workplace "community"
  • Ten steps towards great retention
  • Seven steps to giving effective recognition
  • What causes different generations to leave


  • Program handouts
  • 135 retention strategies
  • Questions to conduct retention interviews
  • Various leadership assessment tools

DVD Highlights:

  • Identify strategies for retaining employees
  • Understand the link between leadership, employee satisfaction and turnover
  • Learn to measure employee turnover
  • Understand the three factors that contribute to employee motivation
  • Identify how compensation practices influence retention
  • Understand the priorities of different generations

Handbook – Hiring for Keeps: A Guide for Successful Onboarding & Retention

Turn to Hiring for Keeps: A Guide for Successful Onboarding & Retention, for the expert guidance, tools, and insider info you need to keep your employees motivated, compensated, and dedicated to your company’s mission. This is how you can retain your top-notch talent within the organization! Here you’ll learn …

  • How onboarding improves performance, increases engagement, and fosters better relationships and job satisfaction
  • Why stimulating and challenging work are top motivators for employee retention
  • How employee stress negatively affects your company’s bottom line with absenteeism, burnout, and turnover
  • How to develop leadership skills and hold supervisors accountable for retention
  • How properly executed exit interviews can help you hone your retention model
  • Why developing a culture of continuous learning is so important for employee satisfaction
  • What to do to create an employee community of role models, mentors, and trainers

Order this COMBO OFFER NOW and get amazing tips and strategies to engage and retain good employees!


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