2 Guys Named Mike

2 Guys Named Mike DVD

26 minutes (estimated)
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Product Description

See the snippet before you buy!

Better quality products, fair prices and even your top-notch marketing strategies can be easily copied by your competitors. In the end, it’s the real customer service competence that can help you to outshine your competitors. Most businesses understand the importance of good customer service but do you know how to make it a truly exceptional one? Let Dartnell’s 2 Guys Named Mike training DVD show you the way!

It is a soft skills training video for service representatives that will help you to understand the importance of being polite and empathetic to your customers. You will learn how to handle angry, frustrated and irate customers without being stressed out. Some of the key lessons that you will be able to grasp through this people skills training video are:

  • Be courteous and polite
  • Be neat in appearance and keep eye contact with your customer
  • Don’t be rude to an angry client, stay calm and keep the situation under control
  • Express concern and let the irate customer vent out the steam
  • Don’t delve into technical details, offers simple explanation for the problem
  • And much more!

This video uses real-life examples to teach your field service reps how to handle angry customers, listen effectively, communicate clearly and more.

2 Guys Named Mike by Dartnell, DVD: $199. Learn how to handle and manage difficult customers by watching this video. This video is perfect for field service representatives


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